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After Hours at Erin's Angels

It was a cold and blustery afternoon on March 21, but it was warm and inviting at the GBCC After Hours event at Erin’s Angels. And when we suggest to our members that they bring donations, they deliver! Many, many packages of macaroni and cheese were brought to stock the shelves.

The mission of Erin's Angels is to mobilize the community, individuals, and resources to provide food for kids in need. Learn more about the good work that Erin’s Angels is doing and find out how you can help at

We enjoyed spending time with Sheila, Lisa, and other members of the Erin’s Angel team; their associates in the community; new friends from Central Square Essentials for Success and Upstate Foundation; and our GBCC colleagues and friends: Sam – U.S. Vets Exterior Cleaning; Tracy – Paths to Recovery Mental Health Counseling; Barb – Seneca Savings; Cindy – PAC-B TV; Otencia – Oualie Business Solution; Andrea – The Energy Lounge; Matt – Heritage Insurance Agency; Nate – WWDot Computers; Bridget – Hearing Aid Consultants of CNY; Kieran – GuardiCloud; Melanie – Your Window to the World; Elaine – Coldwell Banker; and Todd – EnergyMark.

Thank you to Erin’s Angels for the hospitality!


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